We need a lot of helpers the first couple weeks as kids transition back to school.

  • The kids will need help navigating Drop Off/Pick up lanes, having their bus numbers written on their hands and finding the correct bus.
  • New families to the school will need help with greeting and finding their way to get their kids to the right classrooms.
  • Volunteers are needed to help kids get through the hot lunch lines and to their tables as well as reminding them to eat when there's all this stimulation around them! :)
  • Staff will need extra eyes during recess to make sure kids are safe, know boundaries, and get back to class on time.

Remember to volunteer - YOU MUST HAVE YOUR VOLUNTEER APPLICATION COMPLETED - either a new application or renewal of previous application.

{Click here} to sign up! 

Any questions, please contact Helen Gray-Schnase, First Two Weeks of School Volunteer Chair, at helen.graymd@gmail.com.