Hello Kindergarten Families,

Welcome to Newcastle Elementary!  We are Elise Crumpacker and Christine McClure, your Kinder Connect contacts for the upcoming school year.  Our daughters are 3rd graders at Newcastle, and like you, we have incoming kindergartners in the Fall.  (Quinn, Elise's son, and Brinley, Christine's daughter).  We look forward to the year ahead!

Mark your calendars for these events -

Friday, September 29th at 6:00pm
Families Night Out at Red Robin, Factoria

Monday, October 9th at 7:00pm
Moms Night Out at Vino Bella, Issaquah

Kinder Connect is a PTSA program that gives kindergarten families a chance to get together over the course of the school year with informal social events.  The idea is for parents, our kindergartners, and our families to meet, get to know each other, and stay connected outside of the classroom! 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Elise Crumpacker and Christine McClure, our Kinder Connect PTSA Co-Chairs at newcastlekinderconnect@gmail.com.