Every 2 years, our PTSA holds an auction to raise money for our children's education. The auction is the primary source of PTSA income. So, how is the money used?


Have you seen it from the parking lot? The brand-new Book Room portable will be stocked with over 3,500 new books.  While
all schools in the district will eventually implement this, Newcastle Elementary is the first to do so.  In addition, each classroom was recently equipped with U-shaped tables, which the teachers are now using to facilitate reading comprehension across a range of students.


A portable computer lab equipped with 20 new notebook computers is on its way!  This will allow entire classrooms
to work on computer-based class projects all at the same time in their primary classroom.


This year our PTSA budgeted $12,000 for science-to-go labs and other science support.  When equipment is outdated or
non-existent, PTSA funds are used us to buy such basics as digital scales, safety goggles and stop watches.  While
these aren't big-ticket items, without them our students could not accurately or safely conduct curriculum science experiments.

A Few Firsts

Did your 4th or 5th grader participate in our first-ever Geography Bee?  Will your K-5 student participate in the upcoming Science Fair?  These exciting, new-to-Newcastle initiatives would not be possible without PTSA funds.

These are just a few of the ways the most recent auction funds are being used to benefit each of our children on a daily basis. 
And, it's all thanks to YOU!  It's the generosity of our Newcastle parents that allows the PTSA to provide our students with these tools to facilitate and enrich their learning experience.

In March 2013, we will hold our next auction. Details on date and location will be forthcoming as contracts are signed. We will keep you posted, but in the meantime...

The Auction Committee Needs Your Help!

Are you a graphic designer?  Do you have connections to a signage company?  Could you help us obtain low cost (or free!) paper stock, printing or copying?  Then we need you!  If you have a skill-set or industry connection that you think would benefit our auction, please contact gforchuk@msn.com.

We are also looking for volunteers.  Our greatest need is procurement help.  We have two fabulous procurement leaders and they are looking for extra hands to get the job done!  If we don't procure items, we can't raise money, so please consider helping out by contacting Lissa Wax (lissawax@gmail.com) or Sue Wilkos (suewilkos@comcast.net) to learn more.  We are also in need of a Raffle Leader.  We have several fun raffle ideas in mind and need someone to take the reins to make it happen.  If you are tight on time until later next year, there are several roles that don't start until January and others which
don't kick in until the days leading up to and during the March event.  However you can help, it will only benefit our students!  Please contact Georgia Forchuk so we can find a role that fits your interests and works with your schedule.

Stay tuned for more auction news in the weeks and months ahead!