Standing Rules

These guidelines govern the operation of the Newcastle Elementary PTSA and are approved annually by the General Membership.  Supplemental to the Washington State PTA Bylaws, these Standing Rules were approved on September 21, 2009.


Section 1: The name of this unit shall be Newcastle Elementary PTSA 2.6.18

Section 2: This unit is a non-profit corporation recognized by the State of Washington on April 8, 2004.  It is the responsibility of the Treasurer to annually renew the Articles of Incorporation by filing a “Non Profit Corporation Annual Report” prior to March 30th each year. The Washington State PTA is the registered agent for this corporation.

Section 3: The unit’s Employer Identification Number (EIN) is on file in the Legal Documents Notebook.

Section 4: The IRS recognized this unit as a tax-exempt charitable organization on August 17, 2004 under Section 501 (c) (3). The Treasurer shall file a form 990 Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax, if required, as well as a State Charitable
Solicitations Renewal form by November 15 of each year.

Section 5: The Secretary shall keep the legal notebook current and maintain one extra copy, kept in the school PTSA office.


Section 1: General Membership meetings of this unit shall be as the Board decides. There shall be at least three meetings during the year. The quorum for general membership shall be 10 voting members.

Section 2: The budget shall be drafted by a Budget Committee chaired by the Treasurer. The budget will then be presented to the Board of Directors for approval. Final approval of the budget will be by vote of the General Membership. This vote shall take place at the last general meeting of the school year (for the following year’s budget) or at the first general meeting of the school year. The approved budget must include adequate reserves to cover the minimum membership fee to remain a PTSA in good standing, allotments which become available when the budget passes, and annual fees for legal filings and organizational insurance.

Section 3: The standing rules shall be adopted annually by a majority vote by the General Membership.

Section 4: The Standing Rules may be amended at any regular general membership meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) vote or, if previous notice is given, by a majority vote.


Section 1: Newcastle Elementary PTSA shall become a member of the Issaquah PTSA Council, WA State PTA and National PTA. Membership service fees are due each year and are determined on an annual basis through the State Office.

Section 2: The membership fee of this unit shall be $20 per person or $25 per family (up to 2 people). Teacher/staff memberships shall be $10. Community memberships shall be $10 per person. Community memberships will be honorary memberships of this unit without voice, vote, or privilege of holding office. Corporate memberships will be $25.  Corporate memberships will be honorary memberships of this unit without voice, vote, or privilege of holding office.


Section 1: The Executive Committee of this unit shall be the President, four Vice-Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer. These officers will be elected by the General Membership prior to April 30th. The term of office shall be one year, and no longer than two consecutive years. All Executive Committee members must be members of the Newcastle Elementary PTSA local unit. Executive Committee positions can be shared by two people. In the case of Co-Presidents, the presiding President has only a tie-breaking vote.

Section 2: The Board of Directors shall be comprised of the Executive Committee and the Chairpersons of each of the Standing Committees. The Board meetings will be scheduled as determined by the Board, at least 8 times per year.

Section 3: An office shall be declared vacant if the person misses three (3) meetings unless excused by the President, according to WSPTA Bylaws.

Section 4: Executive Committee and Board of Directors votes may be conducted via email following the guidelines set forth by the Washington State PTA. Email votes must be ratified at the next Executive Committee or Board meeting.

Section 5: The Nominating Committee shall be elected by General Membership in accordance with WSPTA Bylaws. No person shall be eligible to serve two consecutive years on this committee. Election shall be by ballot vote. The Nominating Committee will assist in identifying candidates for the Executive Committee positions.

Section 6: The voting delegate(s) to the Issaquah PTSA Council shall be appointed by the President.

Section 7: The vote of this unit for the Region Director shall be by Presidential action.

Section 8: The voting delegates to the Annual State PTA Convention shall be appointed by the President.

Section 9: The voting delegates to the Legislative Assembly shall be appointed by the President.


Section 1: The Executive
Committee shall include the following positions: (1) President; (2) Vice-President of Ways and Means; (3) Vice-President of Programs and Enrichment; (4) Vice-President of Outreach; (5) Vice President of Volunteers; (6) Secretary; and (7) Treasurer.

Section 2: The Standing Committees shall be: (1) Communications Director; (2) Outreach; (3) Legislative Liaison or Volunteers of Issaquah Schools (VIS) Liaison; (4) Membership; (5) School Services; (6) Parent Ed; (7) Issaquah Schools Foundation Liaison; and (8) Student Program Representative.

Section 3: The Chairpersons of the Standing Committees and Ad Hoc Committees shall be appointed by the Executive Committee. All Committee Chairpersons must be members of the Newcastle Elementary PTSA. The chairperson of both standing and ad hoc committees will have a term of one year. At the end of two consecutive years, the chair position will be opened to the general membership. If there is no interest from the general membership, the previous chair may serve an
additional year.

Section 4: The Board of Director positions will receive one vote only. In the event of more than one chairperson or officer, the vote will be equally divided.

Section 5: The Students of Newcastle Elementary School shall be considered honorary members of this unit without voice, vote, or privilege of holding office.

Section 6: All contracts must be signed by two members of the Executive Committee, according to WSPTA Bylaws, with one of these members being the PTSA President.

Section 7: Information contained in directories, newsletters, or membership lists published by Newcastle Elementary PTSA may not be used for purposes of solicitation either commercial, political, ideological or any other purpose not consistent with the WSPTA Bylaws.

Section 8: Golden Acorn Awards shall be presented annually to outstanding volunteer(s).

Section 9: Committee Chairpersons must bring any budget line adjustment requests to the Board of Directors for approval. Fund allocations over $1,000.00 shall also be approved by the General Membership. The Board may not approve any budget adjustment which will decrease the organizations reserves but may allocate increased income.