Newcastle PTSA Mission

Newcastle Elementary PTSA is a non-profit organization which supports the children of Newcastle Elementary in the Issaquah School District. Through-out the school year, we sponsor several family events and student programs for our school families. We hope that all of our families will get involved by attending PTSA events, helping children participate in our educational programs, volunteering time and talents in the classroom, at the school, and for PTSA-supported activities.  Please support our kids by joining PTSA!


2018-2019 Goals


  1. The PTSA will strive to achieve 100% membership to ensure that each who attends Newcastle Elementary is represented by an adult.
  2. The PTSA will strive to increase the number of school family members over last year’s. 



The PTSA will strive to support and enrich the educational needs of Newcastle Elementary students through supplemental programs (e.g., Art Docents, Clay Art, Science-to-Go, Assemblies, and funding for additional BEL support).



Throughout the year the PTSA will sponsor, coordinate, and promote family events that enrich our curriculum and/or foster a sense of school community. 



  1. The PTSA will foster an open and welcoming community by contacting new families that arrive throughout the school year and organizing a Kinder Connect program to connect kindergarten parents together.
  2. The PTSA will reach out to those families that speak English as the second language.
  3. The PTSA will provide parenting resources through Parent Education workshops. 



  1. The PTSA will ensure timely and effective communication among the PTSA, staff and parents of Newcastle Elementary through KidMail, eBlasts, and the PTSA website.
  2. The PTSA will inform the Newcastle community of how fundraising dollars are spent through the use of signs at school, family events, the bulletin board, and other modes of PTSA communication.   



  1. The PTSA will recognize and support the efforts of the staff at Newcastle Elementary by hosting luncheons throughout the year and celebrating with a Staff Appreciation Week.
  2. The PTSA will recognize and support the efforts of volunteers by publicizing in the Cub News newsletter. 



The PTSA will increase financial support to the school through fundraising activities such as the auction, corporate rebate programs, gift-a-book, and book fair.



The PTSA will encourage charitable giving through our Polar Express program, canned food drive, and humanitarian outreach programs.