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School Supplies: Bulk supplies fee rather than shopping.

We will continue to give you a break from back-to-school shopping.  We have switched to a “Supply Fee” that goes to the school to provide classroom supplies.  Buying bulk supplies saves a great deal of money and ensures quality materials for all students.


HOW & WHEN TO PAY:  At the start of August, families can pay the supply fee through our PTSA site {HERE}

During EVP, our Enrollment Verification Process, you will be prompted to pay the Supply Fee.  You may also bring a check or cash to the school office if you prefer.


$60 per student. 


Pay for the full $60 supply fee for each child attending Newcastle Elementary.


Pay $30 to provide a PARTIAL scholarship for another child attending Newcastle Elementary. 

Pay $60 to provide a FULL scholarship for another child attending Newcastle Elementary. 

SPONSORSHIPS & SCHOLARSHIPS.  If you cannot afford to pay the full supply fee for each child, you may choose one of the following:


Pay $30 toward supplies for each child attending Newcastle Elementary.


Pay $0 toward supplies for each child attending Newcastle Elementary.  


Guidelines for Sunscreen for Elementary Students

As the weather improves, we are happy to share that Washington recently passed a law that allows students to bring sunscreen to school and to self-apply it.  We welcome you to take advantage of this opportunity to better protect your child’s health.  Please see the important directions below before sending sunscreen with your child.

  1. Students will apply the sunscreen to themselves.  Please do not apply to other students, due to possible allergic reactions. 
  1. Write your student’s name on the sunscreen container with a permanent marker.
  2. Send ONLY rub-on sunscreen to school.
    1. Many students do not have the coordination to effectively apply spray sunscreens only on themselves.
    2. Spray sunscreens in the crowded school settings are a recipe for getting sunscreen in the eyes, mouths and noses of other students. 
    3. Spray sunscreens are particularly risky for our students with asthma and other respiratory conditions.
    4. Unscented products or those with minimal fragrance preferred

New Bell Schedule for 2017-2018 School Year

The Issaquah School District will be operating with a new bell schedule next school year.  Please visit our 2017-2018 Bell Schedule website for a by school and program listing of bell schedules for the 2017-2018 school year. For bus pick up and drop off, please visit our Transportation page. For specific building schedules, including lunch, recess, and activity details, please contact your child's school.

Bell Times Regular  Wednesday  Early Release 
General 9:10 AM - 3:35 PM 9:10 AM - 1:25 PM 9:10 AM - 11:40 AM
Half-Day Kindergarten 9:10 AM - 12:10 PM 9:10 AM - 12:10 PM  n/a

Are you looking for ways to engage your child in reading and online learning activities?

Your Lion Learner has access to two great resources using their student ID number.  Both MackinVIA and the KCLS Student Account take your child to databases and eBooks, and they’re free!  On the flyer your child brought home, you will see your child’s 7-digit student ID number.  Keep that sticker handy as kids have access to these resources throughout elementary school (MackinVIA) or until their 21st birthday (KCLS Student Account).

User ID: 411(student ID#) (10 digits) / Password: last 4 digits of student ID#

Select “Elementary Students” tab. You won’t enter your user information until you access a database or resource. This is in addition to your personal KCLS account. Do not use the red Log In tab in the upper right hand corner. That’s your personal account.

Fun features:  Hundreds of downloadable audio and eBooks from KCLS, Britannica Online for Kids, Gale Virtual Reference Library, Mango Languages, Opposing Viewpoints, Science Online, and Tutor.Com.

User ID: student ID # (7 digits) / Password: Last name

Fun features:  Tumblebooks, PebbleGO, World Almanac for Kids, Zoobooks, CultureGrams and EasyBib.


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Did you miss Amy Lang’s talk on Birds+Bees+Kids?  That event, plus 28 additional high caliber online parent ed talks from NextGenEd, are now available on!

With a click, enjoy parent ed on a variety of current topics from the convenience of your home, anytime.  Audio downloads are included to listen on-the-go.  ParentWiser is thrilled to offer these FREE with your PTSA membership to any Issaquah district school.  Enjoy!

Register for these and future events at  Walk-in are also welcome.  The Issaquah School District PTSA, in partnership with the Issaquah Schools Foundation and Swedish Hospital, bring you ParentWiser, a lecture series focused on bringing parents of our schools the latest research and information to be the most effective parents they can be.

The Gift of Failure: Fostering Intrinsic Motivation and Resilience in Kids by national keynote and author, Jessica Lahey

Available on

In today’s culture, do we coddle our kids enough? Too much? Jessica Lahey  summarizes the current research on autonomy-supportive parenting and teaching, competence, rewards, praise, and failure, and gives us advice on how to allow students to succeed over the long term. Join our community book read starting now, and help bring about this cultural change! For parents of K-12.